Best Data Science Institute In Greater Noida

Best Data Science Institute In Greater Noida

Data science, big data, machine learning – you probably heard these big words, but how understandable was their meaning for you? For some, they are beautiful marketing lures. Someone thinks that data science is the magic that will force the machine to do whatever it orders for free. Others even believe that this is an easy way to make a lot of money. Formally the term data science is a set of some interrelated disciplines and methods from the field of computer science and mathematics.

The first part: data

The first component of data science, without which the whole further process is impossible, is, in fact, the data itself: how to collect, store and process it, as well as how to extract useful information from a common data array. It is up to 80% of their working time to clear the data and bring it to the right kind. An important part of this point is how to handle data for which standard methods of storage and processing are not suitable because of their huge volume and/or variety – the so-called big data, big data. By the way, do not let yourself be confused: big data and data science are not synonyms: rather, the first subsection of the second. At the same time, data analysis specialists do not always have to work with big data in practice – small ones can be useful.

Second Part: science

You have data, what can you do with them now? Correctly, analyze, extract useful patterns and somehow use them. Here such disciplines as statistics, machine learning, and optimization will help you. They form the next and possibly the most important component of data science – data analysis. Machine learning allows you to find patterns in existing data, then to predict the necessary information for new objects.

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