Best Programming Language for Machine Learning in Greater Noida :

Best Programming Language for Machine Learning in Greater Noida.

Most often Python and C ++ are used to develop programs based on machine learning algorithms.

Python: The most popular programming language among developers of MO-programs in GitHub was named Python in many respects for a set of pre-configured tools for implementing MO-models and algorithms. Thanks to this, programmers can use Python to implement machine learning without deep knowledge in it and create, for example, chatbots from scratch. This became possible after the advent of the well-documented Scikit-Learn library, which provides a large number of machine learning algorithms. Also noted is the presence of the ChatterBot library, designed for speech processing and training on data sets in dialogue format.

 C ++: C ++ took second place among the programming languages ​​used by GitHub users for machine learning. The high position is due to the creation of the Google TensorFlow MO library, in which the emphasis is on neural networks. Although most developers and researchers who use TensorFlow work in Python, it is sometimes necessary to abandon this scheme. For example, when you need to use a trained model in a mobile application or robot. Also, the popularity of C ++ on GitHub is due to the development of a distributed high-performance platform for gradient boosting Microsoft LightGBM (increases the speed and efficiency of training MO models) and the Turi Create library (simplifies the development of custom machine learning models for beginners).

C #: One of the most popular MO projects written in C # on GitHub is ML-Agents. This open-source plugin for the Unity game engine allows games and simulated spaces to act as learning environments for intelligent agents.

Julia: The most popular projects here are MachineLearning.jl, MLKernels.jl and LightML.jl.Shell: This programming language is worth mentioning Dl-machine scripts designed to configure the GPU for computing using CUDA with deep learning libraries.

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