C/C++ Language Course In Greater

C/C++Language Course In Greater Noida

The programming language plays an important role.

Why choose C ++ training?

There are four reasons for choosing  C/C++Language Course In Greater  as the first programming language:

1. Compiled language with static typing

2. The combination of high-level and low-level tools

3. Implementation of OOP

4. STL


 Here C ++ appears in all its glory. Many compilers, console commands, stages of program assembly. Yes, the first program needs to be written in a simple text editor without syntax highlighting and auto-complete, to find how and how it can be launched. This approach forms a person’s understanding of how everything works:

• Program code is simply text that will not work on its own.

• The compiler is a separate program, which must specify what and how to do with the source code so that it turns into an executable file. 

• There are build options, and there is more than one compiler.

The future specialist realizes that the code itself does not start (in the future, it may be interested in how the Python interpreter or JIT compilation works, for example). A person will ask himself questions: “Why?”, “What is the difference?”, “How?” There will be no illusions that everything works by pressing two magic buttons or in the interactive command line. The student will know that the build process of the program can be customized and that the source code can be processed by third-party programs. In the future, when using the IDE, a person will understand that this is just a convenient set of programs that perform most of the routine operations and, if there is insufficient flexibility, you can refuse or expand it. 

Static typing

Using an example of a language with static typing, it is easier to understand what a data type is, why it is needed and what it depends on. It can be seen what constitutes an announcement, definition, and initialization. Using the C ++ language makes this visible, which contributes to a further understanding of how these mechanisms work in other languages. Also, one can understand with real examples of how unsigned integers differ from signed integers, how double and single precision numbers differ, how a character differs from a string, etc. 

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