Java Internship In Greater Noida

The Java Internship in Greater Noida will include studying and working on different technologies of Java.

Requirements for candidates for courses:

· Basic understanding of OOP principles

· Knowledge of English

· Ability to give an internship of at least 20 hours a week

· Ability to work after an internship 40 hours a week

· Willingness to quickly learn independently

· Basic knowledge of the technologies 

Necessary knowledge:

· Java basics (knowledge of the language syntax, work with strings, collections, multithreading, exception handling)

· Knowledge of Java Script is desirable. Familiarity with modern JS frameworks will be a big plus;

· Ability to create simple SQL queries

· Understanding the Web, knowledge of the HTTP protocol. Knowledge of XML, HTML

· Ability to use one of the development environments (Eclipse, IDEA)

· Knowledge of the GIT version system will be a plus

Java technology has a bunch of pluses that outweigh the rare cons:

Ease of use

Although the basics of Java are taken from the complex and sometimes inadequate C / C ++ syntax, over time, the technology has been improved and simplified. As a result, we have a powerful but simple programming language.


Object-oriented programming is good for nullifying the mistakes that programmers make when writing code. Unlike Java script, which can produce error code and not even pay attention to it, Java carefully analyzes the data and, if there are errors, does not skip the code further.


Java was created for the development of mobile applications. This meant that work would be done in any way with user data. From this, we conclude that this technology was initially configured for a high level of security, which it adheres to now. It is believed that this is the safest programming language.

Platform Independence

Programs created in Java work regardless of which platform they run on. Java technology is a portable language that does not care about either the operating system or the hardware component of a computer.

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